Paul’s Fashions (Paul Bespoke) owing to its years of experience in the field and continued customer satisfaction through smartly stitched custom-made suits, shirts, pants, dresses and any apparel that can be stitched. We are one of the oldest tailors situated on Sukhumvit road and have been not only following, but leading trends when it comes to custom made clothing. We have a wide range of materials from cotton to wool to linen to silk.

Your made-as-per-you-like clothing can be made within as less as 24 hours. We also accept online orders and parcel custom made clothing within a short time frame.

Over the past years, we have gradually injected a business philosophy of consistently maintaining our quality and services, as we must take into account that every piece of our thread must highly exceed our Clients’ expectation, Our satisfaction comes not only by hand crafting fine clothes, but also maintaining a personal touch with every client who are now a part of our family. Paul Bespoke is not only a business, we are a group of men that believe in Suiting Up and socializing with people who share the same desire for custom clothing and made-to-measure designs.On the walls of our Milestone lies a hidden fame that believes in our thread and needles. from the very own Rambo of the World (Sylvester Stallone) to the soft and genuine Flight of the Bumble Bee (Maksim), For every flight attendent of the British Airways to the busiest employees of Citi Bank, they all cull upon Paul when they are in need to Dress with Attitude.



Paul Bespoke will dress the world in customized clothing by being the natural choice for online shopping of made-to-measure wear, quality clothing and accessories. Paul Bespoke will capture a significant share from the traditional retail clothing market.


Paul Bespoke will, with the use of leading edge e-commerce solutions and a value offer, make online shopping of high quality custom wear as well as other clothes and accessories convenient, secure and fun.

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